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Port Coquitlam Arts Council

Port Coquitlam Arts Council (Poco Arts) is registered charity that was formed in 2005. This Society was created by interested members of the Port Coquitlam (POCO) arts community, arts organizations and business in recognition of Port Coquitlam as a growing edge city and the growth and importance of the arts in the community.

The creation of the society also aligned with the City of Port Coquitlam’s vision to build a dedicated cultural facility downtown to support and celebrate arts, culture and heritage as an integral part of being a complete community that is vibrant and attractive.

Founding members of the Society played a critical role in the planning and creation of this new cultural facility, the Leigh Square Community Arts Village and in the development of a Cultural Policy and Plan.

The Leigh Square Arts Village opened in 2007, to celebrate the opening and to continue to positive focus on Arts in our community the Society entered into a partnership agreement with the City to provide governance and nurture the growth of the arts and culture with the support of the City Staff,  citizens and business community.


The Society’s mission is advocate for the arts in Port Coquitlam, by enabling and facilitating the growth of artistic opportunities for the community and connect the arts with people for the North and Southside of Poco. It plays a role in realizing these goals by actively supporting arts programs, art inclusive events and services at the Arts Village and city wide, in collaboration with City staff in Arts & Culture.

If you wish to support advocacy for the Arts in Poco,  become a member today,  donate your time or financial resources,  sign up for our newsletter or just follow us on our social media links @pocoarts Facebook / Twitter / Instragram.

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